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The Fabric of Friendship
Feltmaking requires both supplies and a process. Supplies include detergent or soap (usually with hot water), carded wool fiber, and something to roll the wool in while you are in the first phases of felting the fibers together. Other supplies are optional.

The process is basically 1) layering the wool in such a way to encourage matting and bonding (several layers laid in different directions, and even overlapping fiber within a layer something like shingles on a roof, will do a good job). 2) applying soapy water to change the ph (if the water is hot, this additionally helps shock the fibers into starting to curl up and mat together), and 3) physically rolling, rubbing, tossing or otherwise abusing the fibers once laid out and wet properly, to encourage them to bond together.

Time, is of course, essential. I find this can be a meditative process sometimes because of the repetition.

When the felt is done shrinking, you must rinse the fiber clean so that the soap or detergent doesn't degrade the fiber over time.

Fibers ready to be used in felt.
Working outside on a matchstick blind, because piece is large.
Five thin crossing layers of wool, with yarn and wool sweater pieces under the top layer for embellishment.
Sprinkling hot detergent water on the layered fibers.
Rolling the felt with feet for strength because the piece is large.
Partially worked piece (felted but not fulled/shrunk).
A finished small felt piece. Notice the small waves in the fabric. This is caused by the wool curling and rippling, much as naturally curly hair "frizzes" in hot and humid weather.
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