Lynn & Brian's Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure
©1996 by Lynn D. Troldahl Hershberger (
Beach before Airport
[Photo: Mexican children enjoying a public beach at Cancún.]

The last half hour before returning our rental car, we decided to visit a beach near our hotel. I had been lead to believe that all beaches in Cancún were public, which turned out not to be true. However, we found several with public access. On our chosen beach, we saw a group of four young Mexican children playing in the waves (it was very windy the week we were there). They were laughing, splashing, and having a wonderful time. It warmed my heart to see them there with the backdrop of such glitz and excess.

We finally had to leave the beautiful, warm, sunny and sandy beach behind and return the rental car. The rental people were pleasant and warm. In no time we completed our transaction and they whisked us back to the airport. It was a shock to hit that air conditioning.

We got to the airport very early which proved fortunate. We got our boarding passes without waiting in line. We had purchased air travel only, and our flight was with a charter company which mostly sells vacation packages. We happily beat the crowded buses coming back from the resorts and hotels. About 20 minutes later, the line for our ticket counter was about 40 people long.

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