Lynn & Brian's Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure
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The City of Cancún: More Mexican
Our last day in Mexico, we adventured a little out of the glitzy beachfront Hotel Zone of Cancún and into the landlocked city itself. We found a restaurant which had been recommended to us, 100% Natural. I was disappointed when the menu was in English. However, when the waiter arrived, it was clear though the menu was in English, he could only understand it if you pointed. I was relieved -- here was a touch of the real Mexico even in this tourist town. However, the beans were pintos, not black beans, which I perceived as a concession to North American tourists.

After breakfast, we adventured a little into a less accessible city market where Cancún residents shop. By then, we had become accustomed to being flagged down by any merchant within hearing distance, encouraging us to part with our greenbacks. However, in this market there was less of that and we enjoyed just being there. Of course our skin stood out, but we were not pulled at by every merchant. This was a nice change. I hadn't expected that anywhere in Cancún.

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