Lynn & Brian's Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure
©1996 by Lynn D. Troldahl Hershberger (

[Photo: Lynn standing in a large banyan tree at Coba.]

Once we found Coba, we discovered that it was indeed more rustic than most ruins that are open for tourists. It is certainly a huge place, but most of it is not excavated. You walk past "hills" that are certainly small buildings under soil and trees. The paths were covered with small sharp limestone rocks that made the going really rough in my lightweight shoes. Nevertheless, it was a delight to be at a Maya site with nearly total solitude. We ventured far into the jungle area to investigate and it was quite beautiful. There were many plants unfamiliar to us, including huge banyan trees.

I had heard that there were numerous birds and butterflies at Coba, but just like most birds, they make themselves known early in the morning. We saw many little lizards (some type of brown and black anole) and a few butterflies. However, we heard birds but didn't see any. We had spent the morning hours at Tulum, which I don't regret.

[Photo: Brian is a speck on Coba's largest pyramid.]

Coba has the tallest Maya pyramid in the area. This pyramid was the only place we found any number of other people at Coba. Brian decided to climb the pyramid, and I got a photo or two of him up there. However, my feet were worn out from walking on the sharp rocks and I chose to stay on the ground.

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