Lynn & Brian's Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure
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The Children in Pedro's Family
We also very much enjoyed little Yamile (yah­MEE­lay) and Gilberto (heel­BARE­toe). As gifts, I brought kazoos for the children, as the kazoo was created in the USA, and is not well known in Mexico. (Also I make Hershberger Art Kazoos™ and love to play kazoo.) It didn't take long at all for them to figure out how to play, and they loved their kazoos.

Brian decided to bring his banjo ukulele along, and the children loved playing music with Brian. They accompanied him on kazoo, plus drums and finger cymbals that they already had. Homes are very close together in Tizimin, and I wonder what passers-by and neighbors thought they were hearing when the children started playing their kazoos? It is a unique sound indeed!

[Photo: Brian, Gilberto and Yamile in a jam session!]

The children really loved Tio Brian (Uncle Brian), though they had a bit of trouble communicating. We took a children's picture dictionary on the advice of Kathy, Pedro's wife (and Brian's sister). The book showed normal scenes of daily life, with numbers to identify the items in the scene. At the bottom of the page was a list of the names for that item, in both Spanish and English. It was mildly useful for communicating but the children were so fascinated with it that we left the book behind.

My favorite memory of the children in Tizimin is from early one morning. I had been out with Maria and Miriam Teresa to a Carnival Fiesta the night before. Therefore, I was late to rise, though I was mostly awake. From my half-dazed state, I heard Brian make his first entrance into the family area for the day. Greeting him was Gilberto's voice, as clear as a bell and jubilant: "Tio!!!" (Uncle!!!) It was a gift to hear that child's delight at seeing his beloved Tio Brian. I will cherish that memory always. His delight and his love were pure. What a gift his joy was.

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