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Homeward Bound
I found it difficult to deal with some of the other travelers getting on the plane, who were thrilled with their hotels that "looked just like a Maya temple with glass at the top." I wonder if they had even taken the time to visit a Maya temple. None of the hotels looked to me like a Maya pyramid though many tried. Also one man on the plane was obviously already under the influence of alcohol and insisted in shouting "OLE!" loudly from his seat several times. I was embarrassed for him.

We also seemed to be the only ones there without brown skin. We had been out in the sun so much we were afraid of sunburn and loaded up that sunscreen! Actually, I love the heat but avoid the sun's rays. It was hard to leave that heat most of all. For me the worst part of going home was feeling the plane's air conditioning hit me like a wave of blizzard air.

All in all, we were a bit tired from the travel and it wasn't all that bad to go home. I was especially tired mentally, from trying to speak the language. It would have been best if we could have taken the weather home with us, but the trip had been satisfying and delightful. The people of Mexico were warm-hearted and friendly. The food was unforgettable and the weather pleasant. The land was magical and romantic, a perfect place to spend a week in February. We look forward to visiting again.

[Photo: Our trip to Mexico's Yucatán peninsula was as much of a splash as this wave in Cancún]

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