Lynn & Brian's Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure
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Mexico's Children Touch My Heart
In most places we visited (including Mérida), there were children selling gum or other goodies, such as the oranges I mentioned earlier. That was one of the most haunting images I took home. These children were usually around six years of age but selling things, apparently to help their families make a living. There seems to be a great divide between the "haves" and the "have nots" in Mexico.

However, I must remember that my father grew up in a print shop and helped with the family business from the age of around 6. Also, my mother grew up on a farm, and all the children were part of making the family business -- the farm -- successful. Perhaps the children we saw were working for their families just as my parents were.

[Photo: The Cathedral in Merida just before sunset.]

I like to remember a quote from one of my many books on Mexico. To paraphrase: "Poverty is more widespread in Mexico than unhappiness." We certainly did see people enjoying themselves. In Mérida on that Sunday night, we sat on a bench on the Plaza and watched families from all walks of life bring their children out on the town. Toddlers barely able to walk eyed each other across the square. Families were out in full force, and it seemed that a baby-sitter just might go lonely like the Maytag man that night!

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