Lynn & Brian's Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure
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Marking Time at the Airport: Crafts from Oaxaca
While the other travelers waited in line, we checked out the little airport shops. We had seen some carved and painted fanciful animals made in Oaxaca (wah-HAH-kah) in various shops on our trip. We wished we had bought some. Fortunately, we were able to find a few little airport shops which had good selections and after much consideration we each chose the one we liked best.

[Photo: The Animalitos Brian and I purchased at the Airport.]

Brian calls his the "mosquito." To me, it looks like a short, broad man with four horns and funny ears. He has one wing out of the center back of his head, a tail, and some kind of fire or jagged tongue out of his mouth. It is turquoise and pink and red and yellow, among other colors, painted fancifully with dots and stripes and other wild patterns. Mine looks like a horse with large wings and horns, sitting down with head looking to the sky, also with a funny tongue or breathing fire out of its mouth. Those of you who know my style will not be surprised that mine is black with turquoise and flamingo-pink flowers all over, among other patterns and colors.

It was pleasant to spend our final hour in Mexico enjoying the painted fanciful animals of Oaxaca. In no time we had to get on the plane, but we didn't have to focus on that inevitability until the time arrived.

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