Lynn & Brian's Fabulous Yucatecan Adventure
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Overview /Planning Ahead
Mexico is a land with a personality. The colors, the music, the land, the people, the weather, the food… all have distinct and proud roots. There is no gray here, but color in every meaning of the word.

[Photo: View from our hotel room balcony, Mérida.]

The weather was actually quite cool for this time of year in the Yucatán. I didn't see any weather forecasts while we were there, but it felt about 85º F on our last day, and had been cooler on previous days. One evening it felt about 65º F and the people there were chattering about the cold the way Michiganians discuss a blizzard! We had mostly taken clothing based on the previous week's horribly hot and muggy days (closer to 100º F). We were not prepared to need long sleeves. Fortunately, a blanket I bought early in the trip came in handy to keep off the cool evening breezes.

It seems that the only thing that many Midwesterners know about Mexico is "don't drink the water!" We received this advice before the trip so often it was almost comical. It is true; most Mexicans do not drink regular tap water. We watched carefully and drank only bottled water. We also took care to brush our teeth with the bottled water, something many folks neglect as a possible source of illness.

We also were pretty careful about where we ate throughout our trip. One of my guidebooks indicated that the author had only become sick from food when eating at fancy restaurants meant only for tourists. The advice was to find places where the locals ate to avoid problems. I guess that is good advice even at home! With the care that we took, I am happy to report that neither of us got sick.

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