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©1996 by Lynn D. Troldahl Hershberger

My most loyal partner for 17 years
always wore a fur coat
stood 10 inches tall
couldn't speak English
never listened to logic
But never really let me down.

He was there to say goodbye each morning
as I left for work
He came running to greet me each night
as I arrived home.

On a wintry day, he'd sit with me
and I'd bury my cold hands
into his warm coat
and we'd snuggle
And the cold seemed almost unimportant.

His constant presence lent a sense of stability to me,
through the ups and downs of our lives.

Seven moves we made together;
we co-existed with a tattered marriage for eleven years,
lived through the pain and glory of six or seven male partners after that marriage --
some short-lived, all relationships
less stable,
less loyal,
less warm,
less satisfying
than our long-term half-communicative relationship.

He loved to ignore my requests, loved to do his own thing.
He was a good role model -- totally himself without apology.
He knew himself and lived totally his way without regard to my requests.

Such a cat.
Totally true cat.
Totally self-confident cat's cat.
Totally pain-in-the-ass cat.
Best-pain-in-the-ass-I-ever-had cat.
My Muffett cat.

And now he's gone.

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