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Hi, I'm Lynn Hershberger.
I'm an artist who works in many media, and who loves to teach! I teach polymer clay and knitting throughout the continental USA. I am based in Lansing, Michigan.

May I Teach Your Group?

There is nothing as satisfying as a hands-on opportunity to teach color combining and technique. Polymer clay is a wonderful material... it's easy to love the items you make on your first day, though the subtleties of working it can never be exhausted.

I often work with knitters, crocheters and weavers. Polymer clay techniques can augment their fiberart skills. For those who create garments, buttons are particularly important.

I teach my students to work with many colors in one item, for a pleasant harmony which works with the garment they have created. Many of us are geared toward "matching" and I teach how to create harmony from many colors.

The techniques of color blending and combining can be used in many items besides buttons. My students have created buttons, beads, fiber tools (crochet hooks, orifice hooks for spinning), ballpoint pen covers and grips for hand tools.

Students shown here took my class at Michigan Fiber Festival (MFF) in Allegan, Michigan. I also enjoyed teaching Polymer Clay for Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiber Festival. I've taught for knitting, basket and spinning guilds, yarn and bead shops, from Chicago to Boston. I'd love to teach your group also.

The blue buttons? My student, Brian, made these the second year he studied with me at MFF. Wonderful!

I would love to travel to teach your group or customers of your shop. Polymer clay, color, combining yarns, socknitting and "Fix and Finesse" are all subjects I teach. I can provide excellent references.

I discovered polymer in 1991, and created my first Hershberger Art Kazoo tm in early 1992. Fortunately, there was one (fabulous) book out on the subject at the time, Nanette Roche's "The New Clay." It is still the book I recommend to newcomers, fifteen years later. It inspired and informed me at a time when polyclay artists were few and far between, particularly in the midwest.

Spirit Feast by LynnHSeveral years later I had the honor of being included in the book Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects, by Jacqueline Gikow. This book is unique in that it
focuses on polymer for items other than jewelry. My sculpture Spirit Feast, and a photo of several Hershberger Art Kazoos, were included.

In 1996, I created the first version of my Hershberger Designs Polymer Clay website. At the time there were perhaps a dozen web pages devoted to this medium. I added images regularly until about 2000 (when I started to also work in printmaking/eraser carving and later knitting).

Polymer is well-suited to small items such as jewelry. However, I have created larger items such as wall pieces and sculptures. Because of this, I have decided to keep my original site up and running although its style reflects the web fashion of the day it was created. Links have been updated, but the images are vintage 1996.

Although I do not create production quantities of polymer clay items at this time, I sometimes sell one-of-a-kind buttons, crochet hooks & Hershberger Art Kazoos tm in my ColorJoy.com shop.

Thank you for stopping by.


Copyright, Lynn DT Hershberger 2006