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The LynnH SockTour


Now you can choose from two SockTours:
The Original LynnH SockTour (33 pairs from 2001-2002)

The New LynnH Socktour 2006 (21 pairs from 2006)

For the record, there is no SockTour covering the 91 pairs of socks I knit between the end of the first SockTour and the beginning of the 2006 version. However, I did photograph many of those socks and posted them on my ColorJoy! Weblog between November 2002 and the present.

If you click on the weblog link, the archives can be found on the main page, in the right-hand column. You can filter out only knitting-related posts if you like, though that is my most-used category.

   LynnH.com - Sock Patterns and More by LynnH

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