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Creative Messiness

Colorful Chaos

What a mess! Two days ago I knit five sock heels (not attached to socks, which makes them look like preemie hats). Yesterday I recorded a video using all of those heels (and my Crystal Socklet video sample). I recorded raw video footage for “How to Close a Crystal Heel (or top-down toe).

Options Galore

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe there is ONE RIGHT WAY to do anything. Unless it’s about safety or law, I tend to explore options.

One situation may require a different approach than another. Or for that matter, I may be in a mood for something easier or something more refined. Maybe I don’t have a sewing needle available… that would inspire me to try something I can accomplish with just knitting needles.

Option-Filled Video

I recorded four different ways to close Crystal/afterthought heels. (Or for that matter, toes on a top-down sock.) Yup, four methods. And the final one? I showed two ways to approach it, though the end result is the same. I recorded the easiest ones first. You can stop watching when you find one you like.

You can now understand why I ended up with the mess I photographed above. It’s a colorful, crazy mess… but I got all the footage shot.

Work Ahead

Today I start editing. I’m eager to share it with you.

At least one of these heel-closing methods I’ve seen exactly once… in a now-out-of-print book. I’ve not seen it used on a sock in real life, and I’ve not seen it in a video.

Folk knitting has so many options! If we get stuck thinking there is ONE TRUE WAY, we miss out on all sorts of other valid possibilities!

With that, I’m saving this post and returning to my video editing software. Let’s hope I only need one day for editing, yes?


I’ve already put up seven knitting videos. They are a walk-through of my Crystal Socklet from the March 2012 Knitty issue.

Videos in the series include how to cast on, a Bosnian toe, increases, stranded two-color knitting, preparing to insert an afterthought heel, how to insert and knit a Crystal heel, and hints on binding off loosely and neatly in the round.

Why all this work, for free?

I wanted to let knitters all over the world learn these techniques, and see my teaching style at the same time. Traveling to teach is something I want to do much more of, and this way knitters everywhere can get a taste of my style “in person” with no risk. It seems win-win to me!

If you would like to see the videos I’ve already published, you can find them at the ColorJoyLynnH YouTube page. Enjoy them, on me!

If you, your shop, or guild are hiring instructors for a workshop or retreat… I’m interested. Let’s connect. Write me here: Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com

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  1. vicki n Says:

    How fun! I love your socks!! They make me smile!
    Off to check out your videos!

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