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“Making It” – What does that mean?

I once heard an interview of the rock star, Sting. They asked him when he knew he had “made it,” whatever that means. I’ll never forget his story.

He told of being on tour, in one more hotel room. He woke up while a window washer was working outside his window. The worker was whistling. And then Sting recognized the song. It was “Roxanne,” a tune Sting wrote in the mid-’70’s and which became a Billboard Chart hit in 1979.

I felt the amazement with him. Someone you don’t know, in a random city on a random day… whistling your own creation? Wow. I can only imagine.

Reward for Consistent Work

Don’t we all need to feel that our work impacts others? The need for fame as universal as Sting’s isn’t part of my being. However, I relate on a smaller scale.

Once I waited in line at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, about an hour from my home… and one of the employees (Tessie) addressed me. She said “You don’t know me, but I know you.” She was a blog reader (2008). I’m SO glad she said hi.

This ColorJoy blog began in 2002 – now around 10,000 posts. Blogging is an odd artform. It’s a little like being a radio DJ. You create, you put it out there, you know people can read it… and most folks read without commenting.

In spite of this anonymity, relatively often I’m in a public space and a reader or student will say hello. I’m always delighted. However, it usually happens near my home.

My Roxanne Moment

Fiber/spinning expert Deb Robson (ROBE-sun) on and I follow each other on Twitter. She and I connected when she read my blog, years ago, and started commenting. We’ve become friends across the continent.

One day, Deb tweeted a link to a web page, and indicated that I might like to read that post. Wow.

Delightful Surprise

You may remember that I taught at Sock Summit ’11. I presented several classes, including Crystal Heels, Turkish sock related techniques, Curvy Grrl tall socks and Pool-Resistant Sock Techniques.* Teaching at the Summit was the highlight of my career to date.

The link Deb mentioned? It was an article in the Portland, Oregon newspaper “The Oregonian.” The reporter celebrates her success after taking my Pool Resistance class.

Allow Me to Smile

I’m floored, delighted, and amazed. First, this knitter had a success after taking my class. Second? She put it where folks on the other side of the USA could read it at their breakfast table…

…and thanks to the Internet? I can read it, my Mother can read it, and the rest of the world, assuming they are interested in knitting, might also read it.

I’m not Sting. However, it’s really wonderful to know my work is reaching so far. It’s incredible to know that one student had a success after taking my class… which specifically was designed to help her fix a pooling problem.

Do you want to read it? Click. Just check out that title! It’s a well-crafted story.

The curse of the pooling yarn: a knitter’s fairy tale

Thank you to Deb Robson of The Independent Stitch blog for the tip. (You must check out her blog… fiber and bicycling and Colorado fire coverage from the human-to-human perspective.)

Extra thanks to Mary Mooney, the reporter/writer. I’m delighted and humbled.


* Pooling is when colors in a multicolored yarn clump together, in what many deem an unattractive effect. A blob of red, then a blob of yellow, perhaps… instead of a well-shuffled overall color distribution.

Here are photos of yarns in differing states of pooling. Whether or not you like it is a very personal thing, but it can distract from some design features.

3 Responses to ““Making It” – What does that mean?”

  1. Ellie Di Says:

    GURL! I got chills reading your story – and I love the way you set it up with Sting’s story as a framing device. Your work is beautiful, my dear, and this story is excellent. HEARTS!

  2. Susan Lobb Porter Says:

    Whoo-hoo! YES! The ‘who me?’ moment coming full circle. May this be the start of many more. xo

  3. Diana Troldahl Says:

    COOL! My sis-in-love, a continental phenomenon :-}

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