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A View from the Balcony

Oh, I love Montreal! It’s summer and people get outside (unlike home, where so many hole up inside with air conditioning).

The windows are open in the houses around here (including where I’m staying) and people use their balconies regularly. One man across from our back balcony has his meals outside.

I have been sitting out there to write and to knit. There is a squirrel with a red/brown nose but his tail has a grayish halo to it, I’ve never seen this coloring before on a squirrel. I’m sure it’s normal here, but I’m a Michigan grrl.

There are a lot of parks nearby. When I walk to the grocery store (which is one end of a smallish enclosed mall) I can walk through a park most of the way. Today I tried the “dollar” store and found 3 grocery items, including oatmeal which I was craving.

I wanted to buy the rice noodles… but when I read the label, the ingredients were “Rice flour, corn starch.” Bah! Corn in everything, even safe Asian noodles. Sigh.

This city could distract me night and day. There are ethnic restaurants on every business street, it seems. There is a Thai and a Vietnamese and an Indian place near here, (plus a 24-hour Tim Horton’s with WIFI, a McDonald’s and Burger King.

Ironically, it’s really a quiet neighborhood and from where I stay you can’t see any businesses at all. This is a work trip, not a vacation, so I’m cooking at “home” most of the time to save on funds.

Wednesday night will be exciting. Many of the Montreal museums have free admission on Wednesdays after 5. In addition, the metro (subway) has a pass which is good for unlimited uses from 6pm to 5am, for only $4. I’m going to take myself out on the town this Wednesday, for sure!

It’s so wonderful to hear from you. Getting those comments makes it feel as though we’re on retreat here together! Thanks for taking the time to write.

Now… more knitting and typing… while making plans for which restaurant to try on my Museum-date night!!!



2 Responses to “A View from the Balcony”

  1. Pam Says:

    Thanks for another great post, Lynn! Feeling as if I’m there myself. Sounds like the European lifestyle is alive and well in Montreal… more parks, and you can walk everywhere. Like you say, people are not indoors with the air-conditioning blasting away. Can’t wait to hear about your museum night!

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Wow, it’s been too ling since I’ve been to a museum!
    Now that things are settling down (Last trip from the old house was Friday) we can plan some fun outings again :-}