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Doors of Montreal: an Artform

Hi, Honey, I’m home!

I made it back from Montreal in the wee hours last night. It took about 15 hours from leaving my room in Montreal to opening the door in Lansing. I had  a good trip home, though. Other than the length of travel, it was not a particularly tiring day.

The Benefits of Change

My mind is spinning. There are so many things I learned about myself, so many passions returning to my heart, so many ideas and sparks in me because I got out of my home routine and went toward something new.

I’m sorting through the zillion photos I took. It’s a challenge to group them in any kind of logical way.

The first and easiest thing I could do to get you a bit of eye candy quickly, was a Door Collection. I pulled out shots of about 30 doors I photographed during my travels, by foot, in Montreal.

Wearing Out My Shoe Leather

One of the joys of a vibrant large city, is public transit. Montreal has a metro (subway) system which is excellent. They also have trains and numerous taxis, plus rent-a-bicycle systems and lots of things which are accessible by foot.

I took advantage of the metro and walking. I love to walk.

Surprises and Beauty Everywhere

I explored many parts of the island city. I walked in business areas, neighborhoods, museums and churches, parks and gardens. The doors really spoke to me. What a history they can tell, and what personalities they have!

In some cases it is clear that the actual door is new, while the frame around it is very old carved stone. I was sort of amazed, too, at how many doors downtown did not have doorknobs on the outside.

Oh, Yes! These are Art!

The premise of ColorJoy is that many things are artful, many more than just paintings hung on walls in museums. These doors fit here  perfectly, even those which are not colorful in the rainbow sense.

I’m offering a few photos as a teaser, on this page. If you are intrigued, please-

Click Here to View a Slideshow of the full set of doors.

(The above link takes you to the Flickr website.)
(In order… door/gate in what I think was a Presbyterian School; 60’s-ish Turquoise doors on multi-unit home, beautiful door on very old residence; embellished fire door on what I think was a water utility company building; door to art supply store on St. Catherines in what I believe is called “Latin Quarter.” All of this is some guesswork, since I don’t read French signs very accurately.)

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