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Art on the Street, Montreal


Want to be inspired? These images did it for me… maybe you, too?

I took a lot of photos in Montreal. Most of what I find artful is not intended as art. However, I just uploaded 25 photos of artworks put there for the Public to enjoy… by whatever “powers that be” there are who do such things.

(Photo above is a sculpture by Henry Moore in the Sculpture Garden of the Museum of Fine Arts.)

Click this link to see the full set of images:

Slideshow – Montreal Public Art Flickr PhotoSet

Some of these pieces were found in the subways and the Central Station (where trains come in). Some were in the Sculpture Garden of the Museum of Fine Arts.

The below image I took in the public square just outside the Mont-Royal subway stop (in a funky and artful part of town, my favorite place to people watch and find a cup of tea at a sidewalk cafe).

Can you see the big green chairs? They could hold several people in those big seats. Every time I passed by this area, someone was parked in one or more of these big sculptural happy-chairs! Loved it.

If you click the image above, you can see a very large version of this photo… even if you don’t choose to go to the Flickr slide show.

I’m a bit over-scheduled returning back to my regular life after two weeks away. I hope you enjoy my photos while I post here as I can.



One Response to “Art on the Street, Montreal”

  1. Irene Blanchard Says:

    Hi Lynn!

    Welcome back!

    I love those over-sized chairs – there was a huge bench like that in Spain that Nathan and Veronica and friends scrambled up on to – the difficulty was getting up and on to the bench before the timed camera went off! I guess that it took several takes to get one where they were all somewhat composed on the bench! Those chairs actually look cozy. Thanks for the artful images!

    X O Irene