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ColorJoyful Yarn bOMb before/after

The Yarn bOMb went in on Friday, and we celebrated Saturday. As we should!

It was FUN! I have to thank so many people I can never do it properly.

Here is the before photo:

The crew sometime in the morning (folks came and went all day as they needed to do other things).

Josh controlling the cherry picker while I installed pennants. He was SO into it. He has a toddler daughter who loves the gardens, and it was cool to him to contribute back. I love meeting guys who love being daddies! The best.

Brian (my husband) and friend Hanno preparing to play music under tree #2. This was at Saturday’s happening / celebration.

Brian and Hanno serenading tree #2

Becky enjoying the Bee Tree (#3). Most of the yellow yarn we had went here. It is near some bee hives (white boxes behind her at left of photo).

My friend Brenda knit something like a dozen bees for the project. Some are sewn to the tree scarves and some are hanging loose under the tree, “flying.”

Becky Enjoying Bee Tree #3

A long view of the final project. I will share more later.

Yarn bOMbing at MSU gardens, after.

4 Responses to “ColorJoyful Yarn bOMb before/after”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Amazing Lynn & crew!! Looks awesome, I can’t wait to go and see it in person. Job well done.

  2. laura Says:

    it was so wonderful to meet you at the fiber expo. i love your yarn bombing! i hope we can stay in touch.

  3. Emily Says:


    I was part of TEAM and was at the children’s garden Saturday. First, let me say I loved all the trees, awesome job! Second, I was wondering if you have any more photos from the event?


  4. JaM Says:

    You and your helpers have brought smiles of joy round the world to my small part of the Australian Bush! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. You delight and expand my vision of the world. I especially like the before (just you and the tree) and after (you and your mates, including the rapt tree) and the one of Brian and Hanno and… oh, I like them all! (So glad to know your Mom is out of hospital, too.)