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My Favorite Day – Thankfulness

I love Thanksgiving. I love to give thanks for many things and good people in my life.

It’s not about food. It’s not about tradition (we had x dessert last year, we must have x dessert again this year). It’s not about overdoing. It’s not about TV or sports or parades. It’s not about decorating my yard for this holiday or the next. It’s not about planning what to buy Friday. It’s about thankfulness.

I will NOT be getting up early to cook. I will not be eating food I don’t like just because it’s a tradition. I will complete my 53rd year without having ever baked a turkey (ugh).

I will soak in peace and quiet and time with my beloved. We’ll either buy food from a favorite locally-owned restaurant on Wednesday and heat it up Thursday, or we’ll cook something simple but yummy. (Pancake breakfast? Pumpkin soup and biscuits perhaps?)

I will go for a walk and remember that some people I love can not walk. I will be grateful for my working feet and legs.

I will thank people in my life for being special. I will be grateful for another day on this earth.

May you find the simple meaning of Thanksgiving in your life this week. Even if you are not from the USA, it’s a great idea to contemplate.

I appreciate you. Thank you.


One Response to “My Favorite Day – Thankfulness”

  1. Sandi Amorim Says:

    Love this Lynn, and appreciate your heartful being!

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