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Getting it Together: LynnH Rules of Maintenance

OK, I’m trying to turn around my attitude and my environment. I’ve been so focused on my yarn business for the last several weeks, that the necessary bits of life (home maintenance, cooking) have not happened except in very small, very infrequent ways.

So today I had to do something! I realized that cleaning house has a lot in common with gardening, and I’m applying life lessons to both.

I’ve learned that it usually takes 3 years before a plant acts like it’s happy, especially in our bad soil if I move a plant. The first year it looks like it died, the second it gasps for breath and the third year it looks so happy you think it has been there forever!

Earlier this summer I received a gift plant, put it in the soil and watered it, and it promptly lost ALL of its leaves. I was so panicked because I really valued the person who gave it to me, that I just kept watering the stick. I felt a bit crazy, like a Don Quixote or something, rescuing what couldn’t be rescued.

Except, a month later a few tiny buds came on the stick. And now it has a whole bunch of tiny little leaves. It is supposed to have larger leaves, but the plant is not dead. It looked totally gone, trust me… but my desperation-watering was good for it.

So the number 1 rule of LynnH Gardening is: Water the Stick!

And now I’m trying to clean a house that has been ignored too long. The house is small (I like it that way) but full of things, some of which I use a lot and some of which are in the way and may never be used again.

I realized that if I could get the extra stuff out of the house (rather than moving it from one place to another), I’d never have to deal with it again. And the space available from that move, could make space for me to put things away that I do in fact use.

So the number 1 rule of LynnH Housekeeping is: Get it out the door!

So far so good. I have a bunch of Hewlett-packard toner cartridge boxes that need to go back with UPS. Never mind a UPS guy came to our house today but didn’t knock… I can leave the boxes at Foster Center where UPS stops often.

I also have a pile of 3 boxes of old clothes, etc., in the bedroom (which is literally the size of a bed, a side table and 2 dressers… no room for a stack of 3 copy-paper boxes in there). That pile is going in the car tomorrow to go out, probably to Salvation Army.

The bedroom is sighing with relief already. Trust me.

So… when it seems like you’re have time for nothing and you just do the tiniest of hopeful moves, it can make a difference.

Water the stick! It works.

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