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Picture Time

guildOK, I finally took the time to edit some photos for you guys. Here you go!

Tuesday night I went to the Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild in East Lansing. The theme was “What I did on my Summer Vacation.” I didn’t take summer stuff, I wasn’t thinking back that far… so I took three hats I’ve made recently and the partly-finished Lucy Neatby Equilateral Vest.

Now I’m bummed I didn’t show off my Kelly tank and my Fixation dance top. Maybe next time!

guildAfter guild was over, Rob and Matt of Threadbear invited me to join them and a small handful of other knitfriends for dinner at Oodles of Noodles, just a block or so from the meeting. I always enjoy the company of these great folks, so of course I went.

Now, Chinese food is a challenge for someone with a list of food allergies that looks like a chapter of War and Peace. Actually, most restaurant food is impossible for me (which is why I eat at Altu’s and Aladdin’s so much). But I don’t go to dinner for the food, I go for the company. I drink tea, which is totally my favorite “comfort food” anyway. And last year Rob figured out that I can eat the fortune cookies (depending on who the cookie-baking company is, anyway). So we go to this restaurant and we spend the first 3 minutes reading the label on the fortune cookies. This time I was lucky and they brought me 3 cookies to eat while others had dinner.

And then I saw that there was one meal that came with a half-orange on it as decoration. I determined to eat it… and then I dropped it on the floor. So my dear friend Rob asked them to bring me another orange (never mind it wasn’t even really the meal, just a decoration). So they brought me the most beautiful presentation an orange could have… with the bulk fruit cut into 4 pieces and a little plastic sword with which to stab and eat the pieces. So pretty, and so… well, so extra. Not required at all, but this place is just plain known for good service and caring.

guildAnd the orange? It was the best orange I’ve had in years. Really. Maybe since I was in Mexico in January 2000 (the citrus in Mexico is so good you almost can’t recognize it as the same thing we eat here).

Here are photos of my Tuesday night. First, Sharon Winsauer, the Alpaca fanatic (she raises them). She usually handspins laceweight yarn and makes the most amazing lace shawls. This time she wove this piece she’s holding up, after dyeing the yarns with natural dyestuffs. The woman is a talent, no doubt about it.

The second photo is Rob of Threadbear, just after he threatened my life if I took the photo. Of course I took it but I did wait till he had his shawl obscuring the view. He won’t kill me, and I know it! In this photo, at the left of Rob is Matt, also of Threadbear.

The third photo is the famous orange. Isn’t it a ColorJoy piece of art? Trust me, it tasted like art as well.

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