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Dance Time

Habibi Dancers(More pictures, I’m catching up…)

Wednesday nights, if I’m in Lansing, I’m at Foster Center rehearsing with the Habibi Dancers. It is sort of exciting right now, because we have a new batch of apprentice members and the dance room just is brimming with women each Wednesday. Such fun!

Habibi DancersWe have had a lot of performances this summer, and are not done yet. Here are two photos of women practicing for a cane dance, a traditional dance where canes are used as props. We balance them on our heads to show our skill as dancers (we move a bit underneath our steady head, and it shows skill when the cane stays put). We also dance with baskets on our heads, and sometimes glass jugs. Or nothing as the case may be!

Dances with props are fun, and quite interesting to watch. It’s a challenge practicing in cramped quarters when swinging a cane around, but perhaps that is part of the fun. And I tell you… knowing how to balance a basket on one’s head is a useful skill to know!

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