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Fabulous Heftones at Altus Saturday!

The Fabulous HeftonesBrian and I, as The Fabulous Heftones, will be performing at Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine tomorrow, Saturday, September 24. Show is 6:30-8:30, dinner hour. For those who don’t read here often, this is a wonderful restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

We will also be enjoying special guests/friends performing tomorrow, the McKinney Washtub Two. We met Judy and Whitt at the Dulcimer Fun Fest in Evart, Michigan, a few years ago. They are a polished act, and great fun.

They live much more north in Michigan than we do, and so we do not get to see them often. However, their daughter happens to go to MSU and they happen to be coming down to visit her on a weekend when we are performing! Voila! A double-bill at Altu’s! How fun this will be.

McKinney Washtub TwoExtra Bonus:
If you can find a copy of the City Pulse local free newspaper, Altu has placed a coupon in it. It is inside the front cover, very easy to find. However, it looks to me like an advertisement, not a coupon. Tear it out, my friends, and bring it along to the event! There is nothing like getting a good deal on a meal and a performance, that you might have enjoyed even without a discount!

I hope to see some of you there.

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