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Student Socks and Natalie Wilson

sockOn Thursday night I had the third session of a toe-up sock class at Foster Center. We are having such fun that even though we’re officially done with class, I didn’t have anything scheduled next week Thursday so we are going to get back together and knit. For fun.

One of my four students was ill, but of the three remaining, two finished a whole sock. The last student did not complete any whole sock but she had *two* done as far as the heel turn by the time we left class, and was decreasing for her gusset on one. She has very little knitting left before she has a full pair. Quite impressive, I’d say.

I have photos of the two completed socks here today.

sockI also had a delightful surprise on Friday. I was doing a few rounds, stopping at a few of the shops where I teach, and I popped in to Threadbear. I’m making some buttons for one of their store models which is in process right now, and I needed to see the yarn colors.

NatalieWell, while I was there I looked up, and there was Natalie Wilson! Natalie is a knitting designer from the Detroit area. I met Natalie last year when Threadbear was very new and she came up to deliver a few store samples. (At the time I met her, she had designed the front cover sweater for one of the top national knitting magazines that month. She’s prolific and talented.)

Friday she also had some samples to deliver… and was happily checking out colorways in the Colinette corner as well as enjoying other yarns in the store.

On this visit, Natalie was wearing her lovely floaty-mohair Tsubasa Shrug that was a favorite store sample (I think this spring).

It was great to chat with Natalie if only for a short while. She had business to attend to, and so did I. But how lucky I was to be there again when she came by (it’s quite a haul to drive up from where she lives, maybe an hour and a half if I guess right).

Here is a photo I got of Natalie wearing her masterpiece! It is more floaty and more green than you can see here, and infinitely wearable as well. Great design.

Now, if you don’t know Natalie’s work, please go and check out her website, iknitative.com

Oh… for the record, Natalie has done a good number of patterns offered for free (personal use, yadda yadda) which you can find on her Patterns Page on her site. This includes an impressive number of designs for the popular online knitting magazine, Knitty.com

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