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Fun and Busy Saturday

What a fun-filled Saturday I had. It was busy, no time to breathe almost, but there is no more fun than knitting and music all in one day.

I started out at Rae’s Yarn Boutique where I taught a ColorJoy Stole class. I had two students on the class list but Deanna was the only one who made it. It turned out to be fun, just the two of us. It’s an intense class and she definitely benefitted from the special attention!

Here I’ve got a photo of Deanna starting her stole with the yarns in front of her that will become her ColorJoy Stole. The second photo is a close-up of her progress at the end of the class. You can see already that these very different yarns are combining into an amazing fabric with its own personality. I’m sure she will really love this wrap, and if my experience is any indication, I’m guessing she will wear it a lot.

After that class, I ran home and changed clothes… switching personas from knitting-teacher LynnH to singer “Lynn Heftone.” We headed over to Altu’s for our performance as The Fabulous Heftones. As always, we had a great time.

What is happening more and more these days, is that when we perform we have folks come out to hear us, who only know us as musical performers. These are not friends, not Mom’s friends, not my computer students or art/knitting students. I guess we’re accumulating some genuine fans! There were three tables of folks who came out just to hear our music. This is very satisfying for me to see.

Our guest artists, the McKinney Washtub Two (Judy and Whitt McKinney) also brought a small crowd of fans, family and friends. They put in a very fine performance, and I hope they will be able to return again (it’s quite a hike for them). This weekend they combined this gig with a visit to see their daughter and two other performances in the general lower-Michigan area.

I took some photos of the scene and the McKinneys in action. The closeup is artfully blurred, but the look on Judy’s face is dead-on. I had to include it for you here. Yes, it was fun!

After our Altu’s gig, we went over to the Cappucino Cafe’ on Lake Lansing Road. Our friends, Mystic Shake, were finishing up their performance of the night. We sang and lauged and danced and shook the traditional Mystic Shake cans (pop/beer cans full o’beans and painted fancy, like artful, handmade maracas). A good time was had by all.

Check out these last three photos from the Mystic Shake event. You see the guys in action, a Mystic Shake can ready to shake, and Ben Hassenger (of Mystic Shake) dancing with my friend Marlene Cameron (in the back with big smile on her face) and his wife, Barb. I love this shot!!!

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