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Random Things, Random Thoughts

hatsSo much to say, so many things going on! I’m very scattered although things are good.

I’ve been continuing the “get it out” houseclearing, although I’m finding it’s easier to do little things like throw away that almost-empty tube of toothpaste in the back of the drawer than it is to throw a once-favorite sweater. So I’m throwing away tea I found was not tasty, and rice noodles I found I can’t cook in a tasty way. It’s a start, no matter where I work, and now my cupboards in the kitchen and bath close better, with no real difference in useable content.

I have made some new Chunky-Funky buttons but not nearly enough. I am too distracted to sit down and do a whole day of buttons so I will sit for half an hour here and there and do what I can.

I am so fascinated by the Equilateral Vest that I have actually done a half dozen triangles a day for maybe 3 days in a row. This is amazing considering how little knitting time I have these days. I’m down to about 3 more triangles before I need to really pay attention to the pattern every time I knit a new triangle. I’m sort of sad for that.

But really, I need to untangle the yarn I got for my knit “grass” skirt so that I can maybe actually wear it at the Midwest Ukefest which is in a month. A tiny little month. It’s good that the skirt is intended to be short, because on size 9 needles it will contain a good number of stitches (considering the yarn is so finicky that I can not imagine taking it out in public where it will tangle into major messes in the bag).

Rae this weekend showed me how she deals with this sort of yarn. Even though it’s already in a center-pull ball (that self-destructs when the wind blows) she re-winds it on a center-pull ballwinder. Then she puts a lightweight rubber band around the outside of the new ball. I figure if I do that and then put the new ball in a little ziploc baggie with one corner cut out, I can thread the working yarn out the corner and hope it won’t be a disaster.

hatsBut the easier-to-handle yarn I used last time I knit this masterpiece (Bernat Boa), at least at the gauge I used, made a gorgeous fabric that was totally awful wrapped around my hips. It was more like wearing a dense carpet than a skirt. Mind you, my hips are a lovely size and shape, and I don’t mind accentuating my curves but it was more like construction material than fabric. I’m considering making the old “skirt” into a sort of carpetbag, because I do love the fabric…just not as a garment!!

This new yarn (Online Linie43 Punta Rayon/Nylon/Acrylic, which I bought from Kim at Yarn Garden in Charlotte) is wonderful and soft and squishy, with very little depth to the fluff when knit. I think it won’t make me look like I gained 300 lbs. We’ll see if it looks like gauze, I hope not, but right now I think I have a yarn closer to the Surf & Turf sample garment on Knitty‘s pages.

OK, what else is up? I made 4 hats, one for a sample of my yarns/buttons, one for Altu’s Nephew who I need to find soon as it’s cold enough to need it… and two supposedly for Afghans for Afghans, but I thought the deadline was 9/29 and it was 9/26. Which I found out on 9/26 when I looked up the mailing address. Welcome to my life! Too many facts to keep in a brain sometimes doesn’t work.

I figure now that I’ll make matching scarves for the Ebeneezer Project, a pet charity of the boyz at Threadbear. They have been asked to coordinate 50 sets of hats/scarves for the survivors of Katrina who have been resettled in the Lansing Area. Fortunately I have a little bit of the multicolored yarn left and I can use that as trim on a solid scarf. For the green solid hat I got the yarn at Dropped Stitch in Jackson (40 minutes away) but Threadbear has the same line of yarn so maybe I can get a close enough match there. I hope.

Oh, the unfinished red hat? That’s for my beloved Brian. It matches his coat pretty darned well. He likes red coats, which is good since he walks on his lunch hour almost every day and that makes him easier to see in downtown/old town traffic. I’m finding the K2P2 boring, but I never find kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk stockinette boring at all! I guess it’s because stockinette requires no focus at all and K2P2 requires only a tiny bit but it’s distracting. I like the worry-bead stockinette process a lot.

Never mind if it’s boring, the hat is almost done anyway. I need to start some decreases soon. I am making this up as I go but I figure I’ll decrease in some of the purl ridges, with some sort of logical pattern so that it looks intentional. We’ll see how it goes.

And my last photo is just pleasing to me. I was in Jackson a month or so ago and found a resale shop (who me?) where they had this amazing coat for sale. It was clearly handcrafted with handstitching and no label. It has a super thick lining (fuzzy on one side and shiny on the other) and the fabric is backed, it may have been upholstery fabric perhaps. It is small. Very small. I tried it on and even with my tiny shoulders, it pulled between the armholes. I have always had a rounded back and so when I knit I often make the back a little bigger than the front… and on this coat it made me uncomfortable.

But my friend Marlene C, who I mention here often (she was the one dancing with Ben in the picture of Saturday’s events), she’s tiny. So tiny that when I hug her I always notice how little she is. She has more square shoulders than me but is generally just a bit smaller than me in other ways… and the coat fits her perfectly! And is good colors for her, to boot! Isn’t she pretty here? Mind you, she was modeling it on a warm day in front of a Beaners, so it’s not quite the season for it yet, but an artist with an artful coat (even if we don’t know the creator) is just rigt, to me.

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