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A Chilly Morning, A Perfect Day

leafWell, it is undeniably autumn here. The leaves are not really colorful yet from any distance. However, the chill is in the air in the morning now and I don’t want to get out of bed.

Therefore it is no surprise that I am again creating wool knit longjohns (long underwear pants) in my mind. I have talked about this now for three seasons, I realize. I have written myself a pattern for the knitting machine and a yarn that I already own and have already swatched.

Yet Tuesday when I was cold all the way to my feet, I felt driven to write myself another knit pants/leggings pattern (for outerwear). I planned this time to use thicker yarn, my own handpaint Cushy ColorSport which is actually a DK weight despite its name (my manufacturer swore it was sport weight, but it has since proved otherwise).

I admit, that the time it took to write a second pattern was a good bit of the time it would take for me to just start knitting the first leg of the already-existant pattern on the knitting machine. And heaven knows that I have too many unfinished projects already started! I guess I felt warmer sitting at my desk fiddling with a pattern than I thought I’d feel sitting at the knit machine in the kitchen (right next to a window, in a room which has no heat vent).

The good news is that it did warm up and the sun came out. When I was driving my car to the west side at 6pm, the sun was shining and it was warm. There was little or no breeze, Lansing was as beautiful as it ever gets, the radio was playing an old favorite song, and there could have been no better existance than to be driving on I-496 (in my wonderful 1998 New Beetle, Joy) on the way to teach toe-up socks!

After my class, I bought some dark purple Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn from Linda (Little Red Schoolhouse) to go with the leftover multi-colored yarn (from Rae’s) I used to make my first charity hat (see top hat, no button, in yesterday’s post). I’ll make a garter-fabric scarf with the eggplant and a stripe of the leftover multicolored yarn at either end, to make one charity hat/scarf set.

Then I popped in to Threadbear to get another skein of the llama/wool yarn I’d used for the second charity hat (yesterday’s post, center bottom gray-green with blue & green button). They had the same color number, and the dyelots were so close that a scarf of this yarn (in garter fabric) will go great with the hat (in stockinette fabric) I made of yarn I bought in Jackson.

Of course, Threadbear is always a social butterfly place. I was delighted to see Marcia Bailey, another knit teacher who works there sometimes. I also saw Noel, who had taken my class on feltmaking (without knitting) back on July 31. It was great to see her again! I also saw Sabrina and Judith, who are there so often that I don’t always mention them here in the blog. Hi, guys! I saw others, I hope the ones I’ve unintentionally left out are forgiving of my short memory…

The Fabulous Heftones at Elderly InstrumentsNow I’m at home and wearing my favorite legwarmers (from the Sally Melville Knit Stitch book) and a huge, lightweight green mohair sweater. Wearing bulky footies I made in a First-Time Toe-Up Sock class I taught last year, which are making my feet very happy if not totally warm yet, and a hat and a stole. Um, and a lap blanket. I’m toasty warm even though it is autumn. In winter, I’ll add a second pair of socks and wristwarmers, but it’s too soon for that, thank goodness.

In music news, I’m right now listening to the current edit of our upcoming CD, “In the Garden.” (The Fabulous Heftones, that is.) Brian is in intense editing mode these days working on it and I am loving the result. This CD was my concept from day one (our first CD, Moon June Spoon, was Brian’s brainchild).

There are so many songs from the 1920s which are about flowers, gardens, rainbows! I started collecting songs about flowers first. We have Tulips, Daisies, Roses, Violets, Daffodils, Lilacs. And rainbows, bluebirds, gardens, sunshine, rain, other romantic images of this type. Some of the songs are more obviously garden-like than others, but they all have a connection. I adore the idea, the songs, the execution.

Yet the CD will take as long as it takes. We record something, perhaps there is background noise or a flubbed note (not me!), so we have to do another take. Then Brian has to make that new take mesh with the previous tracks, which is sometimes harder than other times.

There is no rushing this work. On the other hand, probably it could be edited for 3 years and we’d still find things to fuss with if we didn’t just decide to stop sometime!

The good news is that when I was listening to the CD, listening to find anything that needed fixing… well, I got carried away singing along. It is such fun music! I guess that means that we’ve got a few things right anyway.

I’m told that other performers hate listening to themselves on recordings. Well, I understand because there are a few things I think I can never really sing the way I hear it in my head. As a trained singer, those moments are very frustrating. Luckily they are also far between.

But then there are a few songs where I just love them so much… Brian sings one (Halfway to Heaven) that is such a favorite I actually backed up the CD player today at one point so I could just hear it again. OK, so I’m a dweeb, but a happy one!

(Remember, I used to go to Brian’s concerts when we both had different lives… I adore his music, his choices of tunes, his presentation, his uke playing. I loved his music when I didn’t even know him personally. He played Halfway to Heaven and The Old Ohio where the Shy Little Violets Grow, the first time I ever heard him perform… and both are on this album. Happy me!)

Pictures today are a fall leaf and Brian and I/The Fabulous Heftones performing at Elderly Instruments in 2004.

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