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cloudsI met with my Toe Up Socknitting class at Foster Center again tonight. Just because we wanted to meet… since the class was officially done last week.

Brenda wore her finished socks, complete with a picot edging… and why did I not take photos??? Drat! Trust me, they were as cute as can be.

Lori also came. She had finished her first sock last week, and she started the toe of her new sock tonight. We talked and laughed and had a great time. I am so glad we met!!! It was no hassle, really, because I was at Foster Center for open computer lab until 6:30 which is the starting time for knitting class. So I was already there anyway. What a pleasant night we had together… but I wonder why I didn’t get that photo? I guess I miss a few sometimes. I try to be a good reporter… sorry, Brenda!

For a photo I did take… Today when I was driving from place to place, I just could not believe the beauty of the sky. The clouds were so big!!! I rolled down the window and took this picture. It is actually a decent image of what I saw… but in real life the clouds went on and on as far as the eye could see. Breathtaking.

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