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Much Better!

FamilyI took good care of my inner 13 year old yesterday and I feel much more like my normal adult self today. It was wonderful seeing my family again. We’re small but we’ve been through much together and it has made us well-connected.

It’s still chilly, with a frost warning tonight. I am still feeling cold, but a bit less grumpy about it, anyway. My tomato plant has over 20 tomatoes on it, many of them about full-sized. They are all green but I really want to give them as much of a chance to grow as possible. I put the plant on the landing in a protected corner (two walls of our house protect it) and I covered it with a plastic garbage bag for the night.

I tell you what, I’m almost willing to bring that plant inside under my natural lights in the dye studio, and let the fruit happen slowly where the frost won’t ruin it. I have not had an indoor plant in at least a dozen years… the mildew that grows in the soil is a problem for me. But I am sad to be so close to a second harvest and lose the fruit. For now, the plant is covered for the night.

treesToday I also tried out sitting on the heat vent, with our new furnace. It is not ***hot*** like the old one was, so it took me longer to warm up my feet, but once I had been there a while I did not bake and perspire, I just was pleasantly warm. This probably will work out, after all. And an efficient furnace will be a very good thing this winter, with the rising fuel costs.

The cold snap in the last few days has brought a few more colors to the trees. I notice it most when driving the highway to the west side (where Threadbear and Little Red Schoolhouse are), so the scenery is not optimal but the colors seem to be. Very nice.

woolWednesdays I often meet with OfficiallyaKnitter and I finally got a photo of the rovings she dyed with Kool Aid about a month ago. We’re working on her vest at 3.25 st/in. Rae and I played around with possibilities, and Max wrote with some suggestions (so did someone else whose email I can not find right now). She likes to do without a lot of pattern-following so lots of “at the same time” was not where we wanted to go. She is getting gorgeous garter fabric when she swatches.

So we’re considering knitting the bodice of the Sally Melville Einstein Jacket, with a little band at the bottom rather than a knee-length coat section. Maybe we’d make bands around the armholes rather than sleeves, and maybe she could knit a collar. She’s considering contrasting yarn for the arm and neck bands if we are short yarn.

kids with knittingSo I’m not sure how to figure this out. You helpful souls out there… I have her gauge swatch. I figure I can figure out how many square inches the swatch is, then rip it out and measure how many yards of fabric it took to make the swatch? Or shall I figure it by how many stitches, and figure out how many inches of yarn per stitch?

How would ***you*** figure out whether she has enough yarn for this project? I will have enough challenge figuring out how many inches it will be with the little band versus the lower body panels. She is willing to get a contrast yarn if necessary, but I am not sure if she needs any. Any advice would be more than welcome.

Last but not least, I had a good day with CityKidz Knit! There were about a half dozen kids with me today (most left before I took the photo). The best story, though, is that I had a girl two weeks ago who cried because she didn’t learn to knit easily. (She tried one stitch and said it was too hard, poor thing, she was over-trying and it made things worse.) Last week, she came back and left with a smile on her face. Today she finished her wristband and took a new one home to practice upon. I’m so glad her parents kept her coming back long enough to catch on.

Photos: 1) My Family at our early Thanksgiving… I’m very thankful for them (and for Fred, who took the photo), 2)) Photo of beautiful color on side of Interstate Highway 496 in downtown Lansing, 3) Kool-Aid Dyed rovings, 4) Two girls from Wednesday’s CityKidz Knit! program with their completed wristbands.

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