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A Quotation

My sister-in-law, Diana, wrote with a quotation today:

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the wind longs to play with your hair.
         – Kahlil Gibran

Learning to go barefoot again was a big part of shedding my “old” life and becoming LynnH the artist (the person I am now, a significantly more authentic self). I had a wonderful boss/friend in the early 1990s, during my divorce, who believed strongly that connecting our bare feet with the earth could help us balance out our energy. I was very unbalanced and uptight after years of trying to make significant others and “the neighbors” happy.

I was trying to learn who I was. He really encouraged me to go barefoot and reconnect with things outside myself that were nature-based rather than social/culture-based. It helped me. I needed to see myself as part of the earth and not just an unacceptable square peg around round folks who fit round holes.

I remember the first day I noticed a breeze on my skin. I was sitting on a curb somewhere and it was peaceful, and I felt the breeze push my hair a little, brush my cheek a little. I realized that I’d been missing that part of the world around me for years.

Waking up took me a long time, but this quotation Diana sent reminded me of that part of the journey. I’ll never be a really big nature fan, I get sick (allergies) when I’ve been outside too long. Yet I do love walking, and in my neighborhood sometimes an early afternoon walk around the block can be quiet and peaceful. It can help me recharge my batteries for many more hours being a social butterfly. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

Photo: Clouds late September this year. The clouds have been magnificent lately. During winter, we often get total cloudcover for days on end… I tend to dismiss all clouds because of that. Not this fall! Breathtaking! Notice all the colors… the top cloud has plum-red shadows, the bottom one blue-purple. Fabulous.

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