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It’s Here!

CD'sAt 10:00am, there was a knock at the door. It was the UPS man, with a box of 100 CD’s. Not any CD, but The Fabulous Heftones, In the Garden!

We leave soon for Midwest Ukefest and now we’ll have a box of our CDs with us. I’m very excited!

CD'sThis CD was my dream for several years. I’ve been collecting songs about flowers and gardents, rainbows and birds, ever since I realized there actually were a good number of them to collect. The 1920s didn’t sing much about their angst, they seemed instead to try to sing it away in silly and fluffy little songs with a cheerful lilt. I love that!

Brian has put together a preliminary web page for the CD if you would like a peek. If you scroll down, under “Notes from Lynn” you can read the liner notes (or at least most of them).

In the Garden CDThis is our first CD that uses music that is still under copyright protection. In fact, only April Showers is from 1921 and thus not under copyright jurisdiction in the USA. Therefore we can not put up lyrics and full downloads for the full CD as we have with our previous works.

However, Brian has put up a full downloadable audio version of April Showers in MP3 or OGG formats, and also made a page for the song, which shows a scan of the sheet music (complete with photo of Al Jolson, one of the biggest stars of the era). He includes words and chords for this song, as well. Go, Brian!

Well, now I think I have to actually go pack the car so we can get ourselves to Indianapolis for a 6pm concert. Pops Bayless and Mysterious John, also known as “Shorty Long,” are doing a concert at the Indiana State Museum, which will be followed by a social event at a vintage 1920s bowling alley called Action Duckpin Bowl.

From there it just gets more fun. Friday and Saturday there are workshops to attend (Brian teaches one on fingerpicking on Saturday morning, I’ll be there as well) plus open mic shows and vendors. As always, there will be jamming, musicians playing anywhere they can stop. There will be hula class, one of my favorite things each year.

(I had to give up on the knitted grass skirt, and I’m bummed about that… it was looking great but I just did not have enough time to do personal knitting and it’s 3/4 done, which is a too-short micro-mini to be decent for wear. It will have to wait for another Ukefest.)

But I’d rather give up on the skirt and have the CD!!! Indianapolis, here we come!

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