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Haven’t Forgotten You

We’re still in Indianapolis for the Ukefest. There has been little time to sleep, much less turn on a computer. We just checked out of the hotel but they let me use their guest computer in the lobby to post this, after our checkout. Of course, that means that there is no way to show you photos on my own computer right now.

We are of course having the time of our lives. This is our third Ukefest in Indianapolis, plus we went to the Pocanos last year, so we are now surrounded with folks we know and love. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!

I took a lot of photos, and friends consented to take photos of us the two times we performed for crowds. I promise a good handful of those photos when I can get to my own laptop!

Meanwhile, rest assured that Indianapolis is the best of cities. I love cities, I collect them. The roughest part of Indy is driving, because there are many one-way streets and huge buildings that take up many city blocks which means the logical through-street detours you around and it’s easy to get lost. Add that to several diagonal roads which are hard to find until you are nearly past them, and driving is a challenge. But the people are friendly, the weather has been rain-free, we have found great food for dinner each night, the locals have gone out of their way to make us happy and welcomed.

Of course, we are here for music. And that has also been wonderful. We’ve had many grand jam sessions, we’ve watched some amazing performaces, we were allowed to perform on the same stage with those great performers, and we found our way to a few smaller stages including open mic where we were “discovered” two years ago ourselves. Our friends from the Detroit-area Uke club played, and some excellent individual musicians.

And hula! Joyce Flaugher is a great hula teacher who can get a lot of information across in a short time. I studied with her one hour each day, on Fri/Sat. On Saturday afternoon we performed at the Open Mic and it went pretty well. It was well-received by the audience, which was a nice plus.

Off to eat breakfast with the group. The Keystrummers and their families have been the best hosts, they made the whole thing happen and very smoothly at that! Now we go to breakfast at Shapiro’s Deli, where we can chat and not worry about deadlines and tasks. It is the best of ways to end a weekend.

Photos as soon as I return to the laptop. I hope you all also have a good weekend.

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