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Melancholy on Fathers’ Day

My father, Verling (VC) “Pete” Troldahl, died on June 30, 1973. He was 40. I was 14.

This is still a tragedy 40 years later. It is the one biggest event in my life that has molded me.

I do not take relationships for granted. I say “I love you” a lot, even to friends.

My tendency to talk to strangers? Daddy, too. My loud voice? Daddy, too.

My love of singing harmony? I remember Daddy sitting down with me & a hymnal, teaching me how to sing a 2nd part. It was MAGIC. I still remember where I sat, what the room looked like when I finally understood harmony. What a gift.

It was hard not having him there for my New York debut in 2006. That was my childhood goal, to sing in NYC. at least Mom was there (she paid for scores of voice lessons).

My fascination with other cultures? Daddy brought international students home for holidays, particularly Thanksgiving. They told stories of war & being a child inside a country at war. In my isolated academic community, I knew the world was bigger (and less “safe”) than my own circle.

Fathers’ Day is hard for those of us without our fathers, no matter why. Hugs to those in this unhappy fraternity.

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