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Deep Feelings – Travel, Change & Art

LynnH at Textile Museum
I went to the Textile Museum in Toronto yesterday. (The photo above is me in front of the Museum.) To get there, I took an unusual route via streetcar and a lot of walking.

An important section of the subway track is under construction this weekend. This means the above-ground transit is bursting with passengers.

The transit drivers are kind and helpful, and they have information workers at the top of every stairway leading down to the closed trains. Here is one of them helping two women find an alternate route.
Video with Heart
I know I’m known for being cheerful, and typically that’s truly me. Some readers ask for do-overs when I post photos of me with a thoughtful, rather than happy, face. However, there are other moods which contribute to a good life.

Walking through the part of Toronto which was such an important part of my teen years, of my becoming the Lynn I am now, has me pensive and thoughtful. It’s an emotional trip for all the right reasons.

Last night I recorded a short, shaky, imperfect and heart-full video for you, on the roof terrace of this Hostel where I’m staying. I talk about the Textile Museum I visited yesterday and why this trip touches me so deeply.

When you watch, I think you will be OK with my lack of an outright smile. Click the photo below to see it.
chat from the roof

3 Responses to “Deep Feelings – Travel, Change & Art”

  1. mk Says:

    (((Lynn))). You can’t take responsibility for other people’s reactions to your actions, especially when you have a right to them. Our emotions and moods are our truths and ours alone.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    You are so right. There’s nothing like “gettin’ outta Dodge” to give one perspective. Glad you are getting in touch with many parts of your fine self!

  3. LisaRR Says:

    So glad you had a good visit to Toronto!
    What is your favourite Ethiopian restaurant here?
    I agree that the Textile Museum’s Guatemalan exhibit is excellent.

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