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Knitting Away, and Garden Capelet Pattern Offer

I’m knitting as fast as I can, once more…

Monday night I thought I’d finish the knitting part of my Watercolor Bag for Threadbear. I ran out of yarn while knitting the I-cord for my handle. Drat! I am using different yarns for this bag than I originally specified in the pattern, and the solid I chose is a heavy worsted weight yarn with fewer yards than my original solid. Pooh!

Garden Capelet designed by LynnH, knit by RaeI do love the solid yarn I’m using this time. It’s wool/llama in a single ply, really great. So I guess I’ll have leftovers and I’ll enjoy making them into something, perhaps a hat or wristwarmers.

The down side is that I can’t finish my bag today unless I trek over to Threadbear, and I’d hoped to keep it a little closer to home. Wednesdays I’m on that side of town so now I have a one-day delay. I’ll get over it.

Other knitting: I am working slowly on my Scribble Lace Stole. Oh, my! It’s so pretty and fun. It makes me want to knit “sheer” curtains for my doors! It makes me want to run with it through the woods at dawn! (Now, THAT is something that will only happen in my imagination… but I have this picture of the sun shining through the lace at a low angle… maybe sunset will have to do.) Well, at least window covers might happen…

Garden Capelet by LynnHMy current scribble lace suffered from being taken out in public. I lost 2 stitches while working the laceweight mohair, during just 3 rows (56 stitches each) of knitting. I found one, but was lost on the other, so when I popped in to Rae’s for some yarn, Rae found my dropped stitch. I could hug her!

Speaking of Rae… she knit a Garden Capelet literally in a few days, using Louisa Harding Yarns and my pattern. It’s so pretty, so dressy, so different than the yarns I’d chosen (which were of course bold and intensely colorful). Hers are subtle and elegant. As shiny and gold as mine is fluffy and bold.

The ribbon she chose is particularly great for this design. It’s gold and glittery, thick and randomly colored. The thick ribbons give it a distinctive texture and complement the randomness of the colors. It has a soft teal green-blue as its primary solid color underneath that gold-multicolor ribbon. Gorgeous.

By the way, I just got a little home DVD video from a friend, of a small part of our performance at the Midwest Ukefest. I was wearing my own (purple) Garden Capelet, and it was very flattering as I moved to the music.

I am pleased with how this item actually wears in real life. The neckline is a beautiful curve which was low enough to show off the rhinestone necklace I wore (sentimental… Dad gave it to Mom when they first were together). In the DVD that necklace was glittering from afar, above the capelet neckline. It worked even better than I expected!

Now, for those of you who are still reading… the Garden Capelet pattern has not previously been available on my website before today. So I’m offering a special… order any three of my patterns (not the freebies, of course), and I’ll send you the Garden Capelet pattern for no extra charge, plus I’ll offer free shipping. You just can’t beat that!

I appreciate you blog readers more than you know, and sometimes I can offer you something special like this in thanks. The special expires at midnight Eastern Time, November 30 (that’s next Wednesday).

Photos: 1) Garden Capelet knit by Rae Blackledge of Rae’s Yarn Boutique, in Louisa Harding yarns. 2) Garden Capelet I wore on stage at Midwest Ukefest last month.

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