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Catching My Breath

Aaaah, I’m ready for a holiday now! Tuesday I started winding down, I guess… my friend April across the street had some leisure time for once, and invited me over for tea. What fun that was! Her baby Isabel is so fun now… she walks around like a pro, getting into everything. She plays peek a boo, by covering her eyes with her hands. She snuggles. I especially like the snuggle part! Babies are so pure and uninhibited!

hat by LynnHSince I was planning to have a work day on Tuesday (to make up for Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday… I typically work Thursdays), that meant I worked into the wee hours making up for my teatime. I did not mind at all.

I finished the sample hat for Threadbear. The hat design now has a “working title.” It’s the Guitar-Trim Hat. Or the Guitar-Trim Herringbone Hat. It looks enough like herringbone trim on a guitar that Brian kept commenting on it. He was right, and the hat named itself. Of course, advice is welcome at this stage of the game… I haven’t printed any patterns yet.

I’ve done three of these hats in variations of turquoise/hot pink/hot green (the prototype, one for Yarn Garden and one for Rae’s), one hat in dark green/grass green/yellow (for Little Red Schoolhouse), and now the one for Threadbear in dark purple/raspberry/lilac.

The next version of this hat will be knit by me in natural colors of alpaca. It will use brown as the main color, with black and cream herringbone patterning, to look like wood with ebony and pale wood trim. I am hoping it will photograph OK, as black can be a real problem.

Wednesday I went to Threadbear to buy another skein of the Montera yarn I used as my solid color in their Watercolor Bag. I just need to do a little more I-cord for the handle.

I’m OK needing another skein, as I adore working with this yarn. I’ll have enough left over that I can use it for something else. I hate to admit how many skeins of this yarn I have in my stash already… plenty to do any number of projects… hmmm, stripes. I’m sure I’m on the way to designing in stripes soon… maybe this is the project where I’ll start.

While I was at Foster Center with CityKidz Knit! program Wednesday, I finished working in the ends on the Threadbear Guitar hat. I didn’t have my I-cord with me to complete with the new Montera skein. Therefore, I started back on Rae’s Watercolor Bag. It is going to be so nice and earthy, totally rich and unlike any I’ve made before in my own color style. We’ll see how far I get with that this weekend!

I figure I’ll be throwing the Threadbear Watercolor Bag in the washer Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve promised myself no knitting for anyone else on Thursday, but I am sure to be doing some laundry and can do the felting while I’m in that mode of running up and down the stairs.

After the felting I have a little bit of sewing to do (D-Rings which attach the I-Cord handle to the bag), and then my goal is to take the bag to the boyz at the shop on Friday. That’s my hope, anyway. Assuming I have all the supplies I need at home. JoAnn Fabrics will be a zoo this weekend, I know this from previous experience. It will be a madhouse to go and buy one package of D-Rings if I need some. I’m crossing fingers on that.

OK, so the I-cord is done for the Threadbear bag. I will felt it during laundry time Thursday. I will knit a few rows on my Scribble Lace project before I go to bed tonight (not sure how far that will go, as again my eyes are trying to shut as I type this). And then tomorrow? Tomorrow I knit for me! Selfish knitting day!!! Holiday!!!

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the USA, and I will be thankful. I’ll be thankful for Brian, for my warm home, my warm clothing, food from Altu’s Restaurant (I bought three dinners to go Wednesday night, so we can heat up goodies from her for a few meals this weekend), and quiet knitting time.

We are keeping it simple, which is exactly what I love. My family is two people (at least from day to day), and this family of two will enjoy good food and relaxation together. We’ll go for a walk and we’ll eat and listen to music, maybe play our instruments together, and just relax. I’m very grateful I will not be driving on the now-slippery roads, this holiday.

I am planning to work on my Lucy Neatby Equilateral Vest Thursday. I could do that or a bunch of other possible projects, but that one requires the most concentration and the most attention to a pattern. I make mistakes on anything designed by someone else which requires a pattern! So quiet time will be great for that.

I could instead bring out my knitting machine for some fun exploration. However, right now the house can not handle one more mess and I don’t want to clean before I play. The vest will be perfect.

For those who celebrate, may you find something (or many somethings) to be thankful for this Thursday.

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