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A Great Saturday

You know what? The only thing that really matters in life, is the people you care about. Really. Or this is what I’ve determined in my own life of losing far too many people, far too young.

Today was wonderful. I met Sara, my Goddaughter, for lunch. She had a birthday earlier this week. She loves sushi so she told me which place she likes best and we went there. I had never been to this place and it was lovely to look at as well as full of tasty food. Fun!

Then we went to Scavenger Hunt, a resale shop in East Lansing run by some music/art friends.

I ended up with a South-American knit sweater, very fat yarn in lots of colors. It says it is alpaca, but it is scratchy rather than soft so maybe it’s very old alpacas or alpaca/wool blend. It will be warm this winter when I bundle up against the drafts in my office.

After that, we went to our regular knitting spot, Starbucks Coffeehouse. Sara gets a strawberry/cream concoction and I get tea and tea cookies. And we knit.

This time I started a pair of legwarmers for Sara, a gift she’ll get just whenever I can finish them between my work obligations. I hope it will be this holiday season. She’s a dancer and will actually wear them out in class, and she’s very excited about them. They are in Opal six-ply (sport or DK weight, I’m at 5.75st/in on size 4 needles) yarn, self-striping in sort of rainbow colors. We got it at Rae’s not too long ago. The ribbing is looking very cool.

Sara is working on a pair of my First-Time Toe-Up socks in worsted weight for herself. She has knit the foot and now is starting the heel flaps. She is knitting back and forth between the two socks at the same time on double-pointed needles, so when she’s done, she’s done.

For our next lesson she will have decreasing for gussets, and then she wants a rolled cuff so 8 more rows and she’ll be done. It should be exciting! That will have to probably wait until she is done with her Final Exams, though.

Of course, I forgot my camera. Trust me, the sushi was real art, just gorgeous. And my Sara is as pretty as they get!

After I took Sara home, I stopped for tea at a coffeehouse I’d not tried before (Mike’s, near the sporting goods store in Okemos with the cool neon sign, a person walking with a shopping cart). The woman I talked with there, was originally from Yugoslavia and then moved to Germany before moving here. She finds it very friendly here, which pleased me.

Then I went clear across town to Little Red Schoolhouse. I had not seen Linda, the owner of that yarn shop, in weeks. It was great to see her and chat about possible classes for next term. And talk about yarn and knitting and all the possibilities out there and in my brain!!!

Sigh… I just love being at yarn shops… this is where I am understood. I don’t have any explaining to do… I can talk about a three-needle bindoff, or any other procedure, any sort of yarn, and people “get it.” Sigh… I’m finally home.

Well, yarn shops close, this one did only an hour after I got there. So I went home and made a quick dinner and now I need to go back to my knitting. I’m sort of overwhelmed with it all. Too much to do, too many promises, too many ideas, and I have to sleep sometimes. It could be worse… I could have work I did not like. But I’m off now to work a little more before Brian and I rehearse.

Tomorrow is more relationship. I have tea or lunch with Altu‘s youngest daughter. She did some work for me when I was preparing for my trunk show at Threadbear, around Labor Day. She wanted me to knit her some wristwarmers in return, but she never picked out her yarn.

Sunday we’ll handle all that… and I’ll have one more knitting project on my hands… but I’m ready. I can do wristwarmers in one day and then one of my many promises will be off the “to do” list.

After lunch with the wonderful kid, I’ll be back to Little Red Schoolhouse to deliver some patterns and make more firm plans for classes in January-March 2006. Whew!

Goodnight. I’m off to print some patterns and knit, and rehearse…and, and, and…

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