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Gloomy Gray Day

BarberPole Sock by LynnHIt is gray and sad outside today. I woke up to rain, and the sky is our typical Lansing winter sky, gray from edge to edge. I didn’t see a single ray of sun myself, though I heard from a few friends they saw it try to peek out. I tell you, this is enough to make a cheerful person feel down.

Fortunately, I was able to distract myself much of today. I started having lunch at Emil’s Italian restaurant with Altu’s daughter. Later I then went to Little Red Schoolhouse to work out class, pattern and yarn decisions for next term. She will now be carrying my BarberPole socks pattern. Unfortunately, the only available sample I had already knit up for that design was a prototype which I knit from my own handpaints. (The sock shown at right is already at Rae’s as a sample there.)

Patterns sell best when the shop carries the yarn the sample was knit in. I don’t have time to knit her another sample. So she is buying a small group of skeins of my yarn (to put up in kits, for the most part). I have very little yarn in stock right now after my wonderful Labor Day Trunk Show at Threadbear. However, I think this will work. We’ll see.

I haven’t sold my yarn to shops before. I have avoided consignment entirely and been afraid of anything that looked like a long-term committment to supplying X amount of yarn by a deadline. In this case, I will deliver the yarn when I deliver the patterns so she can make kits. And maybe that’s it, and maybe not. I am not making any promises beyond that. My business does tend to change frequently, so who knows what will happen in time? Nobody knows.

I’m OK with giving it a shot. I have considered kits before. If this goes well, perhaps I’ll re-think the relatively small yarn part of my business and consider more kits. I have wanted to make kids’ hat kits, with yarn/button/pattern. I have not written out a pattern yet, though!

Which gets back to yesterday’s lament… how in the world can I do all the things I already have committed myself to doing? Never mind all the things I’d planned to do or hoped to do but which do not yet have deadlines attached?

Well, enough of bellyaching. I guess I can be glad to be so popular!

I do have pleasant news today, besides the previous lament. Between lunch and visiting Linda, I stopped in to Rae’s. I had promised to show her a hat, made of some yarn she has in stock. The hat is owned by a knitting student, I had made a repair to it, so I was not going to have the hat very long.

Well, Rae sure surprised me! She had a lovely wild blue gift bag full to the brim, with hot magenta tissue paper and a bow made of wonderful soft pink/magenta yarn. For me!

I tell you what, my friendships are gift enough, I never crave “stuff” from anyone… but she knew my birthday was coming (Monday). In the gift bag I found three fat (100gm) balls of Maggie’s Ireland tweedy magenta yarn with hot pink, hot green and periwinkle purple flecks in it. (In the picture here you can only see 2 of the balls, the other is still in the bag.) The yarn is magnificent.

She figures there is enough for a pair of legwarmers. Woohoo! I don’t have any pink/magenta legwarmers yet, and I have recently been contemplating this missing wardrobe link. I wear legwarmers every day for about 6-8 months of the year. Now (assuming I can find time to knit them) I will be able to have magenta legwarmers! Marvelous. Perfect. Thanks, Rae.

OK, so I’m sitting here knitting the Watercolor Bag sample for Rae’s shop when I’m not typing for you… and soon we go to an Abbott Brothers Band rehearsal. Where I will use my hands on my bass rather than my knitting needles. But somehow I’m eventually going to get all this knitting done, I just know it!

Photos: 1) Barberpole sock knit in Debbie Bliss DK Merino; 2) Birthday gift from Rae, Maggi’s Tweed Fleck Chunky, Color: Cerise.

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