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EthiopiaIt is the Monday after Thanksgiving. A year ago, on the Monday after Thanksgiving, Altu and I left for Africa.

Today it is gloomy and gray again. The thought of five weeks of sunshine sounds very good to me right now. I’m really OK with staying here with my Brian, but there is a small bit of melancholy in my heart.

However, I started my day with a phone call from my mother, and now I’m preparing for lunch with Altu. I’ve already done some knitting this morning. I’m determined to make it a good day.

Photo: Laundry day in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, taken approximately New Year’s Eve, 2005. This woman looks SO Ethiopian! And check out those sharp shadows, from the strong sun near the equator. Also notice that color is not scary to Africans… pink buildings are not uncommon.

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