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Three Full Years of Blogging!

early drawing by LynnHI typed my first ColorJoy! blog entry on November 28, 2002. This means I have completed three full years of blogging. In that time I have written 1128 posts. If you divide 1128 by 356 days a year, I have written 3.16 years of posts, or an average of more than one post per day. I’m proud of that record.

But writing every day is nothing without you loyal readers. I firmly believe that the strength of the Internet is relationship. It is truly amazing how we can build friendships, primarily based on black-and-white text in English.

My statistics say that in the last 697 days I’ve averaged 1005 unique visitors to my weblog folder on my website. Some of those are folks who did a Google search for something and did not really want to find me. But I would guess that a good majority of the visitors do really want to read what I say. I find this very gratifying.

You maybe have read here that both my Grandmothers were writers. My father was also a writer/journalist, and my mother is a very fine storyteller though for years she told her stories with the spoken word more often than print. It seems likely that I would love writing this column for you!

When I go to Michigan Fiber Festival and someone (Lori Konopka was the first) comes up to me and says hi, that she recognizes me as LynnH from reading my blog, it makes my heart sing. When I get email from Max, the woman in Canada, with photos of her beautiful part of the world, I know friends truly exist over the ether. (The other Max who used to write to me, the man in the USA, sadly passed away in October… may he rest in peace.)

When Marie Irshad in Wales/UK(!!!) strikes up conversations with me, first about my handpainted yarns and later to ask if she could interview me for her Knitcast program, I know I’m doing the right thing. The world is my home, not just Michigan/USA. Marie is not my only online friend outside the Americas. I really love this part of blogging!

When I go to the coffeehouse in Okemos to have tea with Sarah Peasley and someone (Barb) comes up to me and says “I read your blog every day!” I know I am doing something right. I want to share my views (of life as art and art as life) with others. And it clearly is getting through.

When I go to a yarn shop where I teach, and mention this or that about my current project to someone there, and they say “oh yeah, I read that on your blog,” well, I must be on the right track. It happens at all my yarn shops where I teach… Threadbear (especially Rob and Marti), Rae’s (Hi, Rae), Little Red Schoolhouse (Linda), Yarn Garden (Kim and Pat), Heritage Spinning (Joan and Deb). It also happens at Working Women Artists… Regina is always on top of my doings from reading here.

And how would I stay in touch with Sharon P, one of my dearest Lansing knit friends, if it were not for our blogs? In fact, I think we really became friends after we both started blogging.

I know it’s a hassle to contact me, I’ve been a full year without a comment feature. Yet today Chelle took the time to write to me. She touched my heart with these words:

I enjoy reading about your inwardly rich and introspective life not to mention your creativity, sense of style and great attitude toward life. Whenever I m down, your appreciation of the everyday world makes me remember why it s good to be alive. Over the past few years, you ve turned me onto a lot of good music, books, gift ideas, and appreciation for many things normally out of my everyday life.(snip)

Chelle, it is for these very reasons I write. I am thrilled that my intent somehow gets through. Thank you for the report card.

BarberPole Sock by LynnH Knit by Scarlet ZebraWith that, I’ll take the time to say I had a wonderful birthday today. My day started with sleeping in, followed by a phone call from my Mom. She always sings me the birthday song, start to finish, on my birthday… usually by phone. We had a great talk.

Following that, Altu took me to lunch, gave me a gorgeous light raspberry shawl/wrap, and took me to tea at Beaners. After that I went to Rae’s and knit like a fiend on her sample bag while talking yarn… then went home for a while (knit some more, this time on my Manos skirt).

Brian took me to dinner for Indian food in East Lansing, followed by a nice walk around downtown East Lansing in the wet (no longer raining) weather… and then followed by tea at the Gone Wired Cybercafe. Whew!

So we went home, and I finished the third skein of yarn on the same bag while chatting with my friend Iris C. who called from Chicago to wish me a happy birthday. Now I’m going to put down the bag for a while (I only have to knit the bottom and the handle, then do my best to felt it along with trying to felt the bag for Threadbear once more).

I’m going to start up again on the Manos sweater-to-skirt project. I started it on needles that are a bit too small for comfy fabric so I’ll rip out the 3 rows I did earlier and go for a fatter needle and see how I like it. I’m eager to wear the skirt while it’s perfect wool skirt weather. I’m saving up my photos on this project for when it’s finished… it should be soon.

Life is good. Really good. Simple, sometimes… I don’t have fancy stuff, you know? But the people in my life are just top notch, and my town is a very friendly place to live. I wish the same contentment to all of you.

Images: 1) One of the first images I ever put on my blog, a drawing I made as a tiny child (thanks to Mom for saving it). In magenta and purple crayons… no surprise, huh? 2) A photo from January 2003, my BarberPole Sock pattern knit in Cascade Fixation yarn by my friend Deb/Scarlet Zebra.

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