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Knitting Update

LynnH Self PortraitMy hands sure have been a knitting machine of sorts lately. I’m cranking!!!

Yesterday I knit two skeins of Noro Kureyon on Rae’s Watercolor bag sample. I just need to do the bottom and I-cord handle for that bag. And the coolest news? My music friend Edna, who plays washboard (as in Jug Band Style) has an extra washboard she doesn’t play and she’s giving it to me! Just in time to beat the Threadbear Watercolor bag into submission. Perfect!!!

But I’m also knitting on my Manos sweater-to-skirt project. For those tuning in late in the story, I found a Ralph Lauren sweater at a resale shop, knit from Manos del Uruguay premium yarn. It did not fit me well the way it was made originally so I was willing to unravel it and make something new.

It sat for a while and then it whispered to me that it wanted to be a tube skirt. So I unraveled it down to the armholes and now I’m knitting up. I want the elastic or eyelet-with-tie to fit at my hipline. I am more comfy without elastic at my waist, plus it will take less yarn and I’m going to wear it with a huge, long, tunic-like sweater over it anyway. That is just how I wear things.

So I picked up stitches on Monday and started knitting. I first thought I had too thin a needle and then decided it was fine, so I kept going. I have about 2″ done already and maybe 2″ to go. I’m going to love this thing!!!

I tried to take a photo of my skirt progress. The photos I took in front of the mirror got all blurry (glare from flash, I think). But when I turned the camera toward me, I got this funky artful self-portrait out of it, anyway! It does not show the skirt well at all, but this is what 47 years old looks like at my house! I’m pleased, I look better in the photo than in real life… now, to get rid of that poker face…

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