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Happy Solstice!

table with Kolo and TeaMy brother (Eric) called today and he reminded me that it’s Solstice! In fact, the time is 1:40 or so today when the sun starts to come closer again. He says the solstice moment is so close to the middle of the day, that last night and tonight will last the same amount of time. My brother is always the right guy to go to, for finding out this type of information.

I can’t wait to see Eric again! It looks like I’m going down to Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti for Christmas Eve. Anyone out there know where we will be able to go out to dinner that evening? It needs to be either an ethnic food restaurant or a place where I can talk to the cook personally, so that I can be sure the food does not have some ingredient in it that makes me feel crummy.

I know that often hotels will have their restaurants open on holidays. However, corporate/chain kitchens are almost sure to have sauces and marinades from a can or jar, coming in from the food services truck. Pre-made sauces are nearly always full of corn syrup and other things that don’t like me. The smaller the place, the more likely I can eat there. Anyone know Ann Arbor better than me?

The Iceland Weather Report (a non-knitting blog in Iceland which I found through a fiberarts blogger somewhere) says that yesterday:

“…the sun came up at 11.21 and went down at 15.30.”

I’d dare say she’s more ready for solstice than I am. Be glad we’re this far south, midwesterners!!! It may be cold here but we get sun about twice as long as that. Yesterday it seemed to be getting dark around 5pm. I didn’t enjoy the early sunset, but the sun surely came up sooner than eleven-twenty! Ugh! According to one website I found, it looks like we get around 16 hours of daylight during summer and 8 hours of daylight during winter, in this general corner of the world. I like sixteen hours much more than eight, let me tell you!

Here’s a photo I took during sunnier days. I was expecting Altu to come over for a cup of tea and a chat. I made black tea with ginger root in it, as we sometimes had in Ethiopia. I also got out my last bit of Kolo, a snack food offered to guests often in Ethiopia. It’s mostly made of roasted barley, and is very tasty and satisfying (no sugar or salt, imagine that).

For the record, this kitchen set of table and chairs was purchased by Brian before I met him. The man knows style when he sees it. (The paint job, however, is my work.) At the same time, I had a chrome set of living room chairs and sofa at my house, and we both had collections of shiny chrome kitchen gadgets. When I walked into Brian’s house the first time, this is what I saw right away. I knew we could make it work!!!

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