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Selfish Knitting Time

Today is a holiday that I use to express appreciation for those who make my life better. Thank you all for reading my blog. I believe that I should not merely pay attention to my loved ones in December, and I think gifts are better given without deadlines or required dates. However, it’s good in the season of short days to spread warmth and light to those we love. I really appreciate you all.

cairo skyline, Christmas 2004Oh, I love time off! I am a mean boss to myself, I rarely take time off since I work at home. I do go to lunch and tea with friends, but then I go home and frequently work till bedtime.

But this holiday I decided I’d stop working on Saturday when Brian came home from work. (He works for a retail establishment so it was late dinnertime when this happened.)

We had Indian food for dinner… dal soup from Ulyana and some leftovers from lunch with Altu on Thursday. No cooking on my part other than a microwave reheating. Love that kind of meal!

Then I decided to pick a fun selfish knitting project, and knit for me. I’m working on the scribble lace stole again. It’s so fun, and so free, and so wild! The only problem is that I have to look at every stitch. Now, I don’t do that sort of knitting often. I can knit rib or stockinette without looking at my hands for many long minutes at a time. This scribble lace would have been finished by now if I did not have to look at EVERY SINGLE STITCH. How do you guys do it, you who look at the process? I would never finish anything!

I had thought I’d do my Funnel Neck on the machine, but I had a bit of a headache and a machine project takes too much brains for me to do it without all my resources available. I just sat and alternated reading blogs and knitting a few scribble lace rows, then reading again. (Photo of Natalie Wilson’s version of Scribble lace is at Knitty, though I got my inspiration from the Debbie New book, Unexpected Knitting.)

Of course, I have other projects that also require my focus. I want to sometime finish the Lucy Neatby Equilateral vest before it’s summertime, but that may not happen. And why is it that when I’m doing this, I get the crazy notion that I should start Trish Bloom’s Bloom shawl made of Noro Blossom yarn? I have the yarn, but starting a new project that requires paying attention, is not wise at this moment.

Back to Scribble Lace. I’m planning to show off a few FO knitting photos by Monday, so come on back and see what I’ve got!

(Added 8 hours after text:) Photo today is one I took last year on Christmas morning, on my trip to Africa with my friend Altu. I was in my 19th floor room at the Cairo Marriott on the Nile River. Imagine, an open balcony on the 19th floor! In the USA, safety concerns would no doubt prohibit such an arrangement, but we really enjoyed it.

For breakfast, we sat on the balcony and ate tangerines, guavas (white ones, not pink), tea/coffee, and pastries our driver, Nabil, bought for us. Nabil was definitely the best thing about Egypt, to me.

We stayed in our room and watched TV in four different languages (lots of coverage on the tsunami), ordered room service, locked ourselves out of our room pushing the breakfast table into the hall, and enjoyed being far away from home in a warmer climate. Cairo is the second-largest city in the world, and it sure looks like it from this vantage point.

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