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Pluggin’ Away

CityKidzWowie, sometimes I get really clear about how labor-intensive my work is. Yesterday my helper and I worked for five hours, she was winding yarn and I was making polymer clay buttons among other things. We got a lot accomplished, but there is so much left to do, it’s daunting.

I’m excited because we got my new sockyarn (fingering weight, 80% wool/ 20% nylon) made up into skeins. I think we have only 11 skeins (100gm, enough for a pair of socks) so it no doubt will go quickly… now the question is what colors shall I place on this precious cargo? It’s exciting.

CityKidzI’ve got 3 testers now on the button-top hat, I’m grateful because each seems to offer a different vantage point and that’s exactly what I need. Looks like I’ll have some hat kits in the next batch of for-sale merchandise, which will be next week now the way the workflow looks. My helper is coming again on Saturday for a few hours before holiday festivities start. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of dyed yarns for her to skein up for sale at that time.

We’ve got several new dyed batches of Cushy ColorSport (DK), this time in smaller quantities rather than sweater quantities. And another washable DK in a gorgeous hot pink/magenta/purple colorway, a yarn I’ve never tried before. Very soft, less bouncy than the Cushy Colorsport but very nice on its own merits. I’ve done some ColorSport in something-like-solids (actually several colors of dye are applied to give interest, but one color is what the eye sees), because I’m always just amazed at how fast those colorways sell. I guess if you like cables or lace, or other textures, a colorway that is primarily one color will show off the detailed knitting work you’ve done.

CityKidzIn addition to the yarns, I’ve handpainted several angora berets, and those are really wonderful so they will be on the sale pages next week. I’m also preparing to handpaint a few commercially-produced sweaters, we’ll see how that goes.

And the buttons! Woohoo, they are such fun.

In knitting news, I’m making great progress on the bloom shawl. A friend called last night, and my phone has a cord so I had to sit still as we chatted for perhaps an hour. I now have knit 7+ sections out of the 18 it will eventually sport. I’m already envisioning this shawl in a fuzzy mohair. I remember seeing a color-changing mohair at Threadbear in several wonderful colorways, I may have to think about that option because the shawl appears extremely wearable. It just appears that it will sit on the shoulders without trying to fall off, a great design.

Wednesday and Thursday this week, I’ll be dyeing yarn with Kool Aid at CityKidz Knit! program at Foster Community Center. It should be great fun, it always is. I’m not sure how many kids I’ll have. Sometimes I end up with kids I’ve never met before, on these holiday break weeks. We’ll see what happens, one moment at a time here.

Off to work.

Photos: 1&2) These I took in early December and misplaced in the conversion to my new hard drive. Whew, found ’em! Here’s a group of some of my regular kids (and four of their grownups, three of whom often hang out and knit with us, a real special treat). And one of my kiddos, with her first garter-stitch wristwarmer. 3) A messy pile of yarns after dyeing (somehow the colors are not right on (too dark on my screen, so just a hint of things to come), waiting for labels and good photos for the website. Waiting for more yarn buddies to join them…

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