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End-of-Wednesday Update

Days don’t always go as planned, but sometimes they unfold just fine on their own!

I taught my private student on the west side of town, which went very nicely… then I had time to go to Threadbear which is close to her apartment. Too fun! I haven’t been there nearly enough lately, and I had an hour today.

I saw a bunch of folks who work there and who I really love spending time with. I saw Tenna and Linda from a spinning group I visited once, and who I run into time and again at fibery places. I saw my dear dear friend Sharon P/Knitknacks. I chatted with other folks whose faces are comforting and familiar but for some reason whose names I don’t recall right this minute. It was a wonderful, social butterfly hour and I loved every second.

yarnI got to show and tell my completed scribble lace and half-knit Bloom shawl. Oohs and aahs all around! I bought a ball of some wonderful brushed mohair that has been screaming at me from clear across town, that it wants to be *my* Bloom shawl. (I mean, this yarn is almost identical to the yarn in my absolutely-favorite all-time best sweater.)

You see, it’s a shame but the Bloom shawl I’m knitting now… it’s beautiful and soft and warm and lovely, but (shhh, don’t tell) it’s not bright enough for me. The colors range from dark cobalt to dark magenta, sometimes medium magenta, a touch (but not enough) of some aqua/turquoise, and (gasp) some brown.

It is very pretty, great yarn, great pattern, but brown? How did I think I could keep that for my own? I was in love with the cobalt and magenta and turquoise, but they are all in the wrong proportions I think. I’m still excited to be knitting it so I’ll plug ahead and then see what to do next.

It is starting to whisper to me that it wants to live somewhere other than my house and I think I know what it is getting ready to say. However, cast on around 2:30pm on Monday and I’m literally half way through the knitting (this speed pleases me greatly). I’m not doing an edging on it, so this will be a less-than-a-week project. Gotta love that.

The Noro Blossom yarn I’m using is 40gm skeins for $10 a piece. It called for 5 skeins, but it was merely 3 rows short of half a shawl when I ran out of the second skein. Um, guess I will bind off 3 rows too soon! You can not tell at all. So I’ll do the other side until two skeins are used up, and return one skein. That takes it into a more reasonable price for a gift knit, too.

The brushed mohair (Filatura Di Crosa Multicolor, see photo) changes color very slowly, similar to the Noro yarns. It has a larger yarn core than most brushed mohairs… though it seems a little less fuzzy than some other mohairs. The great news? It’s $11.50 a 50gm ball and it has 198 yards per ball! Because of the fuzziness/brushed texture, I’m fairly confident I’ll like it at the huge gauge specified for this shawl (size 15 needles). I only bought one ball, thinking I’d swatch first, but looks like I’m going to need only 2 balls for my Bloom. Score!!!

(OK, Matt thinks I may need a knit-along strand with this yarn on size 15’s. We’ll deal with that if the test ball doesn’t look as good as I expect, when the swatch is blocked. I bet if he *is* right, that I can find a decent knit along in my stash.)

OK, so then I went to Foster Center where all my CityKidz knitters were apparently on vacation. I sat alone knitting, so it could be worse. Tomorrow we’ll try to Kool-Aid dye again. If nobody comes tomorrow, I’ll just plan to do the dyeing next week instead. I have not had an empty knitting classroom in what seems like forever. It was very odd.

After Foster Center I popped over the 5 blocks or so to Rae’s Yarn Boutique. She just sent out her class schedules last night, so I happened to be there just as people were coming in asking about the classes, several of which are mine. I met Carol, Becky, Michele and Sarah (I hope I spelled everyone’s name right). We chatted toe up socks, afterthought/ peasant/ replaceable heels, working with handspun yarns, felting, Watercolor bags, you name it. Great fun.

And after closing time, I got to check out Elise’s shadow knit shawl, on tiny needles in tiny wooly yarn, very much like the one I plan to knit and already have the yarn for. (After I do the fast and furious second Bloom shawl, right?) And she’s got the most amazing pair of gloves she’s making for her beloved. They are beautiful and incredibly creatively well-crafted, with adjustments that will fit him just perfectly. How kind and sweet this gift will be.

I went home intending to dye wool in the basement. However, for some reason I feel really dragged out… not flu but it’s as if I ate something I was quite allergic to and I’m slowing to a halt. A nap sounds better than anything else in the world! So instead of dyeing, I’m at the computer, drinking tea. I’ll play a few tunes with Brian and go to bed early. Tomorrow is another day, right?

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