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Snap Your Joy… Here is a Smile

I’m not a fan of TV or movies… especially when they are doing storytelling with conflict inside. My gut feels like any conflict outside me is actually inside me as well.

However, since we got a faster internet connection early this year, I’ve enjoyed finding uplifting YouTube videos… short and sweet and day-changing. One favorite source is a “channel” called Soul Pancake.

Here is a goodie. Only 2 minutes and 41 seconds… if you have a decent connection, it is worth the time. I think you are guaranteed a smile.


2 Responses to “Snap Your Joy… Here is a Smile”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I think you forgot to link the video. :-)

  2. LynnH Says:

    It was there when I tested it… but apparently hitting update twice made it disappear. Try Try again.

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