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Believe… in Others, in Yourself!

A friend and I had a great but short chat the other day about believing we can do things that have been hard for us previously. Once we can picture a clean room, we are able to start by picking up the first thing. We must believe we can do what has been difficult or impossible before. It starts with SEEING something better inside our minds, so we can pursue it.

I just watched a 4 minute video that talks about this in a larger sense. Dr. Viktor Frankl (who survived a Nazi death camp) talks about wanting meaning in our lives more than material/ financial things. Please take the time to watch it. You may come away with a new intent to see the best, if not in yourself then maybe in your hall closet or the kitchen cupboards.

One Response to “Believe… in Others, in Yourself!”

  1. Mary Kay Says:

    Wow! Powerful stuff…I think this premise would also apply when raising kids.

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