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I’m a Sock, this Must be Rigged.

OK, so I visited Tracy’s blog. She took one of those quizilla tests, this one was “What Random Object are You?” She was a toaster. A shiny pretty toaster. Now, I collect shiny old toasters. We have six toasters and only one makes toast anymore… well, maybe two do. But they are pretty, shiny objects of industrial artful design. I think of them as kitchen sculptures, along with my teapot collection.

So I went to the quiz. I almost always avoid these, and if I take them I don’t bother my blog with the answer, it’s a personal guilty pleasure. So I took the test and this is what it said, I’m not kidding:

Pic of sock with details
Random Object Quiz brought to you by Quizilla

So I’m not sure I believe this “I feel lost when on my own” thing, as I put 250,000 miles on my 1985 VW Golf, alone, going to Boston and Chicago and Washington DC and Montreal (among other cities). Yeah, by myself. No friend, buddy, sweetheart. So that part doesn’t ring true…

But how the heck did I get to be a sock out of “Random Objects” when I thought it was more about kitchen appliances? And what is it that I have more of, than anything else? Socks. I laughed a lovely belly laugh out loud!

Laughing is good for your health. There was my cheap entertainment for the day!

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