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Bloom has Blossomed

I finished all the knitting, plus the crocheted edging, to my Bloom Shawl in aqua Multicolor brushed mohair. I still need to work in the ends and block it, but wowie! Beautiful.

I’ll never be a crochet expert but this worked out just fine. My first version of the shawl was in very pricey yarn, Noro Blossom, and so I stopped knitting when I got to $40. This yarn is only $12.50 a ball and needs only two balls… actually something like a ball and a half, even when you crochet the trim. I figured the yarn was so light and airy, it was sort of lace-like and the crochet would look good. It does, more than I expected.

I’m just not very fond of double and triple crochets… I like smooth, opaque fabric, and big crochets make holey fabric/lace and bumps which are not my thing. But for this shawl, the crochet looks just right. Trish Bloom, the designer, did a very nice job matching the main fabric to the trim (she also suggests other trim options such as fringe or beads, or no trim at all like my first one).

This version will be a store sample at Threadbear Fiberarts, at least until my April 1 class happens. If you live in the area, you should be able to see it at Threadbear by this weekend. I’ll plan to get photos for the non-local folks also, but this huge full-circle shawl is very hard to photograph, never mind hard to block. And the yarn is so soft and so subtle, it does not show up in photos anything like reality.

Speaking of Threadbear… don’t forget, I’m teaching “Darn that Sock!” at Threadbear this Sunday. It’s a wonderful, powerful class. You can learn something that most people don’t ever learn, and you can avoid throwing away beloved handknit socks before you are ready to let go.

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