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A Photo, thanks to Sue!

bloom shawlBye, Bye Bloom
I dropped off my new Bloom Shawl at Threadbear Friday. It was hard to say goodbye to it, I’ve enjoyed my day and a half of wearing it myself.

Sue took two photos of me wearing the shawl, neither is really great (they looked fine on the tiny monitor at the back of my camera, of course). I should have thought to take a photo of the shawl on the mannequin at the shop while I was there, as well.

That said, here is one angle of the shawl when it is just over my shoulders and not tossed over the shoulder just so, as I like to wear it. Can you see how at the right side of the photo the color changes to nearly purple, then moves through blue and turquoise and yellowish-aqua? It’s soooo pretty. I just have a hard time when I have to give up a little control and not see through the viewfinder of the camera! I’ll have to get more photos but for now I’m making good on the promise of something by today.

Rush to Sign Up for This!
By the way, Beth Brown-Reinsel is coming to Threadbear in March for three classes. She is well-known for her knowledge of historical knitted forms. She’ll teach Norwegian Mittens (I took this one last year, a wonderful class), Twined Knitting, and a sweater style that has roots in Danish tradition. I’ll be taking the Twined Knitting class all day on Tuesday, March 7. Trust me, any class by Beth is worth the time and investment. She’s gentle, patient, passionate, listens well, and a great teacher.

Adventures in Knit-Land/Lansing
After Threadbear I popped by the other Lansing shops where I teach, Little Red Schoolhouse and Rae’s Yarn Boutique. It was fun to run into friends at all three shops. Very fun indeed.

At Rae’s I ran into Kristi/RedDogKnits who had writen me about a week or so ago, that she’d seen me at knitting guild but not had a chance to say hi. Well, Rae wanted me to meet someone and that someone was Kristi. She (and Bethanie will be doing my First-Time Toe-Up socks in a fun self-striping yarn, for the Yarn Harlot Knitting Olympics challenge. We chatted a while and I think she will really have fun doing this project for the challenge. I was so glad she made sure to let me know who she was. Hi, Kristi!

Sunny Day, Tired Lynn
It was sunny today, which was very nice. I tell you what, though, the second the sun went down I felt like it was time to sleep. Me, the stay-up-past-1am-almost-every-night grrl. I have had several early mornings this week and the last two days I half-awoke before the alarm rang, afraid I’d miss my first appointment of the day. I’m just wiped out as though I didn’t sleep at all! This, too, shall pass. I fell asleep on the couch last night just around midnight and if I can stay awake that late tonight I’ll be shocked.

Tomorrow is a new day. I have a helper coming over to wind yet more sockyarn for dyeing while I finish up the sale web pages for you guys on the first batch. Slooooooow going, but I keep plugging.

And Sunday… Sunday is my Darn that Sock! class at Threadbear. Please join me, the class is definitely a “go” and we’d love company. Only $20 to learn how to fix your handknits in one session, and you’ll feel smarter than the average knitter for sure! No need to knit a replacement pair if you can fix the pair you already love… Come on down! Please join me.

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